Senss is an experience. The one offered by S. Miles Bennis, architect and designer.

Guided by his instinct, he designs and produces each piece with a clever mix of creativity and rigor. His goal is to enhance our indoor and outdoor spaces by adding a touch of timelessness.

The studio is specialized in handcrafted design, as well as his large scale sculptures and experiential installations. All of Senss’s works are cast in the mass and then sculpted by hand. We create unique decoration and furnitures pieces mixing ancestral methods and contemporary materials. We use our own experimental methods which allows us to imagine functional objects with no limits into creativity. The studio also extends his design’s touch to larger scales as interior space design and global architecture.

Created in 2020, the SENSS workshop is like a fusion cuisine, in perpetual evolution. With their colors tinted in the mass and their poetic shapes, the creations are both raw and warm, refined and unique. Produced in limited series, cast and shaped one by one by hand, the different collections embody an eclecticism that reflects the multicultural identity of the artist. Between decoration, sculpture and furniture, each creation is a unique and original work. This modern craftsmanship, this collectible design, aims to be an artistic and functional expression of material. Acquiring a SENSS object is offering yourself a story, an everlasting souvenir.

For inquiries, acquisitions, & collaborations contact info@senssdesign.com


Our instagram page @senssdesign is a showcase of our previews and futur creations. It’s also a space where you can see different of our processes of creation.